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Ethiopian Coffee tour - 12 days

Keffa is believed to be the origin of coffee. Ethiopians drink coffee in an elaborate ceremony which has become the symbol of our hospitality.

Day 1

Arrive in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Visit the Ethnographic Museum and the Merkato (the largest open-air market in Africa) particularly its coffee quarter. You will also stop at Tomoca, the oldest coffee outlet in Addis Ababa. Dinner will be at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant. Overnight hotel.

Day 2

Drive to Jima across the land of the Oromo and Gurage people with stops to visit local communities. Jima area is an important coffee growing part of Ethiopia. Overnight hotel.

Woman harvesting coffee cherries

Day 3

Drive to Bonga in Keffa which is believed to be the origin of coffee. The people of Keffa have very long tradition of growing coffee. You will visit coffee plantations and enjoy coffee with the people. Keffa is not only the birth place of coffee but also gave rise to the words coffee, caffeine and café. Overnight hotel.

Day 4

Today you will trek to Makira, to the locality of the birth place of Coffee Arabica. Overnight hotel.

Day 5

Drive to Bebeka to explore the largest coffee plantation in Ethiopia. Overnight hotel.

Day 6

More exploration of the Bebeka plantation and drive to Jima. Overnight hotel.

3 people processing coffee cherries

Day 7

Drive to Hawassa across the land of the Oromo, the Welayta and Sidama people. Overnight hotel.

Day 8

In the morning stop at the fish market at Lake Hawassa which is also one of the best birding sites in Ethiopia. Continue to Yirgalem to walk in coffee plantations of the Sidama people and have coffee with them. Overnight hotel.

Day 9

Drive to Yirgachefe to visit Gedio coffee farmers. Yirgachefe coffee is regarded as one of the best coffees from Ethiopia. Overnight hotel.

Yirgachefe coffee being served into small, gold banded cups

Day 11

Drive to Aleta Wondo to visit coffee plantations and processing centers of the Sidama people. Overnight hotel.

Day 12

Drive to Addis Ababa via Tiya, a 12th century historical site. Fly out of Addis this evening or the following day.

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