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Fallen Obelisk at Axum that weighs 520 tonnes and once stood 33 metres tall is the largest piece of rock ever carved by humans

Experience Ethiopia with Nightjar Tours

Welcome to Nightjar Tours

Nightjar Tours is an Ethiopian based travel company running tours to the diverse cultural and natural attractions of Ethiopia and the neighboring countries in East Africa.

The company is named after a mysterious endemic bird named Nechisar Nightjar (Caprimulgus solala) discovered in Ethiopia in 1990 and regarded as the rarest bird on earth. We chose the name to underline the fact that Ethiopia is the home of unique natural and cultural attractions.

Ethiopia, which prides itself as the “Land of Origins”, is the home of the famous 3.2 million year old Lucy, the birthplace of coffee and the source of the Blue Nile.

Ethiopia is truly a unique destination. With Nightjar Tours you will explore from the wonderful rock-cut churches of Lalibela and Tigray in Northern Ethiopia to the vibrant colourful cultures of the Omo Valley, Southern and Eastern Ethiopia. We will take you in style from the breathtaking Simen and Bale Mountains (which are the home of unique wildlife) to the geological wonders of Dallol and Erta Ale.

For those interested to experience Ethiopian way of life, our tours include local life experience.

What to do in Ethiopia

Explore some of the most memorable attractions Ethiopia has to offer.

View to Addis Ababa from park with skyscrapers and busses

Addis Ababa

Start your Ethiopian Adventure


The celebrated Monastery of Debre Libanos founded by the 13th century saint Tekle-Haymanot

Excursions Around Addis Ababa

Wonders at the Doorstep of Ethiopia’s Capital


The stelae park features rocks weighing up to 520 tones, the largest carved and transported by human beings

Axum & Surroundings

The Cradle of Ethiopian Civilization


Rock-hewn church Abrha we Asbha features elaborate works of art

Tigray Rock Churches & Surroundings

Hard to reach, Hard to believe


Looking over a 12th century church, widely regarded as one of the wonders of the world

Lalibela & Surroundings

The Eighth Wonder of the World


Tourists hiking high in the Simen mountains

Gondar & Surroundings

Land of Medieval Castles & the Roof of Africa


View to the Blue Nile Falls

Lake Tana & Surroundings

Venture to the Source of the Nile


Traditional Konso village with traditional teraces, recognized by UNESCO World Herritage

Southern Ethiopia

The Birthplace of Coffee & More


Boy running across a row of cattle, part of the Hamer right of passage ceremony

Omo Valley

Land of Undiluted Cultures


Close up of two Gelada monkeys sitting together on the grass


Nowhere else but Ethiopia!


Eastern Ethiopia

Land of Cultural & Geological Wonder



Immerse Yourself in Vibrant Festivals


Traveller cooking with two local women on an open fire

Local Life Experience

You Can Even Cook Enjera


Dawit with Hugh Jackman at the end of Ethiopian tour in 2009.

What a humble man!

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Hugh Jackman with Dawit from Nightjar Tours